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While relocating from one place to another with Moving Company Dubai often you might face serious trouble while packing and storing the logistics item. That is when one might need reliable packing and storage services so that packing and stuffing the removable items do not become a trouble anymore. Well, if you are searching one such reliable packing services for your home, Service Basket UAE packers and movers should be your first choice. Once you hire their service, they will come to your home for inspection to estimate the number of items you need to pack and load. So that on the day of relocation moving those logistics item won’t be trouble for you anymore. Normally people expect following things when they search for a reliable movers and packers service in Dubai

Packing & Storage Dubai

The home packing services provided by any particular company in Dubai has to be reliable one. When they offer housecleaning or pack the removable logistics they should pack the fragile items a way that any sudden jerk might not harm them.

The packers and movers service provider company should be good in packing and unpacking every kind of logistics item without much difficulty. If someone is unable to relocate few freight items then the moving and storage service provider company can ensure storage space for the logistics item. It is not a big deal for storing the packed items with us for a long time. One can claim their packed item which remains secure with our storage locker facility whenever they want. All they need to do is just fix an appointment properly.

The respective storage and packing service Dubai provider must guarantee the safety of the items stored by the customer. Because after packing and storing any logistic item it is necessary for a storage and locker facility provider note the logistics stored in there. So that later when the same person comes for claiming the stored item in the storage might not face trouble to claim the package.

Well, Service Basket UAE packers and movers offer all of these above mentioned packing and storage services. If it is about packing materials and then shipping them for relocation purpose then also it is easy and cheap with us. Our shipping cost for moving the packing materials are relatively low than the hiring rate offered by the rest of the movers and packing service providers of Dubai. One can remain safe with the packing and storage services offered by Service Basket UAE in Dubai. Our locker facility for moving and packing logistics materials is quite unique. Nobody can access the packed logistics except you. After having an appointment with us you can come and take your belongings from the storage facility provided by us whenever you want.

Our Services Aim for Customer Satisfaction Only

Customer’s safety is the one and only thing that matter to us the most. That is why we always ensure following things whenever the customer’s seek our service. They are as follows

We offer generally three kind of packing storage facility, they are:

Full Pack- If you have already set up your date of relocation then on the day of shifting our experienced team of packing and storage Dubai specialists will come to your home and we will take care of every luggage you need to pack. With us, it will take only few hours.

Partial Pack- Sometimes you might not want every logistics items to be packed completely. That is why you might need some items to be packed partially. Well, that is not a worry at all when you select us as your service provider. We do it care and prior efficiency.

Unpacking- Sometimes it might be a trouble for you to unpack the logistics item unloaded at your newly located place. During such situations you need safe storage custody so that you can store your packed logistic item for a temporary basis. Only a professional packing and storage services provider like us would be able to do it with perfection.

Self-Storage- There are situations when it becomes compulsory for someone to find a proper storage system to stuff the extra freight. Such things happen when an individual sees that there is lack of sufficient space in the newly located place. Our vaults being clean and safe, the customers can access it whenever they want it after doing some formal paper work.

Our services are not only meant for residential storage only. We are one of those packing moving storage companies which also keep their doors open for the business customers as well as for students. We provide locker and storage facility for all of them. Our self-storage facility is provided for the following purposes also:

  • People who are into wholesale and retail business can avail us for rendering our lockers for storage.
  • One who needs to maintain documents and records, our store system is hirable for them too.
  • Any collector of art gallery items can hire our services so that one they are stored later they can be accessed.
  • We also ensure storage for hospitality service industry.
  • If you are into photography or own a production company, our storage locker would befit the exact niche of your requirement. The storage system we offer is unique.
  • We offer personal storage facility and offer secluded lockers to our customers also, only if they need any.
  • Our student storage services are reliable and they are easily affordable for all. It is the only reason why one might not fear of procuring a hole in their pocket if they are searching frantically a storage system at an affordable price.

It is not possible for most of the packing and storage companies located in Dubai to offer such a secure storage for every packed item that one cannot shift for temporary basis. With us, client satisfaction is the only thing that always matter to us.

Why Hiring Service Basket UAE For Moving And Storing Your Logistics?

We are the only movers in Dubai who take care of your every logistics item when you store it with us on a daily record basis.

Losing anything from our fully locked 24 hours closely monitored storage system is just out of question.

Our storage facility is quite reasonable and one must not worry about getting bankrupt when they hire us!

We are a team of professional dignified looking expert logistics mover who can move anything from any location in Dubai and offer storage facilities outside Dubai too. If someone is not good in packing then packing support is also easier from our side.

Our professional warehouse spaces are located in Dubai City. Independent companies are being hired by us, so that the safety of your packed freight never comes at stake. Service Basket UAE always give priority to the customer’s satisfaction. Fulfilling their need is a part of the service offered by them. The rate of your storage depends upon the amount of inventory you are storing within our storage locker.

That is why when you are hiring our packing and storing services you must know that you are in safe hands when you select us as your service provider completely. If you need any of our support you can easily call us on given on our business website. Once we get your call, immediately our packing storage facility will be available at their doorsteps.


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